Marketing approach

Companies, no matter which their field, relentlessly fine-tune their strategy and plans to attract, acquire and retain their customers. Marketing focuses on identifying a relevant competitive edge and developing an insightful, consistent and compelling dialogue with the target audience to answer their needs, thereby growing the business.

Why is a marketing approach important in powering your success?

Are you a company looking to attract, hire and retain great talent?

In the corporate environment, customers and employees are equally important in growing the business. The objectives of acquiring and retaining them are similar for both, as well as the process : attract, convert, acquire, retain and grow. A powerful talent acquisition and retention strategy therefore largely benefits from applying marketing principles and aligning with those developed at corporate level.

Are you a great talent looking to master the next challenge?

Exactly the same principles and marketing process apply for individuals. Are you looking to transition to a new role? You may be the perfect candidate, but if you fail to market yourself correctly no one will ever realize your true potential. Apply marketing /branding principles to your approach and convert your audience into a customer.


Marketing approach in the talent acquisition and the talent activation process:


your competitive edge


your unique promise of value


your brand


and activate your plans


your audience to

"Pascale was instrumental in helping me with my journey when I considered a major career change."
Helena C, Sales Manager
"I feel valued, appreciated, listened to – and challenged."
Petra S., Global Head of Marketing
"Pascale’s professional support helped me clearly recognize where I was and, most of all, where I wanted to be."
L.L. Global HR Director