Career transition

Transitioning into a new role, whether it’s your own decision or not, can be complicated and confusing. The stakes are high and the path is unusual. We guide you through the complexities of transitioning to help you emerge stronger than before. We take you from where you are to where you want to go and facilitate a smooth move to your new career. We customize our support and deliver in a professional and caring manner, providing you with knowledge on the search process and market requirements. We also help you optimize your resources through professional coaching and counseling.

How career transition works:

As a process, career transition has 4 stages

  • Assess
    Develop self-awareness of your strengths, values, skills, achievements, purpose and goals
  • Align
    Align key drivers, strengths, skills and goals to develop a relevant and powerful value proposition. Design your plan, targeted to your audience(s).
  • Activate
    Create, develop and promote your personal brand. Establish and develop your professional reputation and a strong social network. Fine-tune CV and online profile. Successfully manage the interviewing process. Identify and sign for the right opportunity.
  • Sustain
    Sustain awareness in the new role

Marketing focus in the career transition process:

Know yourself

be aware of assets and goals

Craft your pitch

identify and articulate your value proposition

Sharpen your plans

target your audience

Brand yourself

use branding tools & activities

Gain & grow

convert your audience to customer

"Pascale was instrumental in helping me with my journey when I considered a major career change."
Helena C, Sales Manager
"I feel valued, appreciated, listened to – and challenged."
Petra S., Global Head of Marketing
"Pascale’s professional support helped me clearly recognize where I was and, most of all, where I wanted to be."
L.L. Global HR Director